We needed to pressure wash about every four months because our development requires us to keep our concrete areas clean. We have about 4000 square feet of concrete drives and walkways, and it would cost us about $400 each time. Since we applied SelfClean almost two years ago, we have not had to pressure wash, not once. Our vehicle maintenance people would warn us that they should really clean our vehicles and engine compartments in the street, so as not to soil our concrete with automotive stains. We just tell them not to worry; SelfClean keeps the stains off!


Our screened porch is on the northeast corner of our home and is partially covered. The sun is only able to shine on about 1/3 of the concrete. Following heavy rain storms we often have standing water and a gradual buildup of algae, especially under the gas grill and patio table pedestal. This required us to power wash the concrete every 3-4 months and sometimes even that wasn’t often enough. Since having SelfClean applied over a year and a half ago, we haven’t had to do anything more than sweep up the dirt that’s tracked in by the dogs. It’s been great!!!


We applied SelfClean in our development’s community pool area about a half-year ago. It still looks like the first day we applied it. We used to have to pressure wash every few months to keep things looking this good. We are really pleased.

Townhome Development ManagerPool Area

I install decorative concrete and used to have a terrible time with stains from hackberry trees. I applied SelfClean months ago and have had zero problems since

DanDecorative Concrete Contractor

We had problems with mold that wouldn’t go away on our pavers in our screened porch area. The porch pavers are in the shade and stay damp for a long time after a rain. We would power wash but the mold would always come back after a few weeks. Since we applied SelfClean about six months ago, we haven’t had any mold return. Thanks, SelfClean!


We put the SelfClean on our driveway three years ago. Shortly afterward a relative’s car had some trouble and left a foot-long puddle of engine oil. We thought it would stain for sure but the SelfClean got rid of it all in days. Well, after three years we had leaves and debris build up on the drive. We rinsed the concrete with a power washer to get it off and found that it all came right up, because the SelfClean was underneath. Anyway, after that power washing a year ago – so I guess it’s been about four years total – the concrete stays nice and tidy.