SelfClean Shield – 1 Gallon

Shield for new pavers, brick, travertine, stucco, concrete and roof tiles. Shield is also, for areas with less than 1 hour of sunlight per day and areas where moisture lingers the longest, like pool decks.


Shield prevents, removes and fades existing stains like , mold, mildew, engine oil and other organic stains. Shield is “Green” and has no v.o.c’s , so it is safe for families, pets, lawns, flowers and the environment. One treatment of Shield only takes minutes to apply and last for years.  Shield makes water bead on surfaces so surfaces have less water and protect from mold growth since mold needs water. Only 1 coat of Shield should be used as a treatment; however SelfClean and Shield can be used as a combination treatment. 1 coat of SelfClean followed by 1 coat of Shield. Use Shield  for extra protection on extreme wet surfaces.
One gallon covers up to 800 square feet for 1 coat. See manufacturer’s guideline for application.