SelfClean™ is a Masonry Treatment. SelfClean is used on concrete, pavers, travertine, brick, natural stone, stucco, clay, roof tiles, pool decks, patios and other cementitious surfaces. SelfClean prevents, removes and fades existing stains like , mold, mildew, engine oil and other organic stains. SelfClean is “Green” and has no v.o.c’s , so it is safe for families, pets, lawns, flowers and the environment. One treatment of SelfClean only takes minutes to apply and last for years.

It is the only masonry treatment on the market with self cleaning properties. SelfClean™ is formulated using a cutting edge, patent-pending technology which allows the surfaces to break down organic contamination, such as: mold, mildew, tannins, engine oil, transmission fluid, food stains,  etc., naturally when exposed to sunlight, fluorescent light and wind. SelfClean™ will also work in shady areas, so the speed of the self –cleaning will depend on the amount of illumination in that particular area. When properly used, this Self-Cleaning Treatment is not detectable and there is no evident change to the surface coefficient of friction. SelfClean is a green product 

SelfClean works in 3 Ways

First, SelfClean™  seals and closes the pores of the surface to keep stains from penetrating.  Contamination won’t penetrate, it will run across the surface then start to break down.

Second, it creates a thin water barrier on the surface, which lays underneath dirt and other contaminants, making it possible for rain to wash them away.

Third, it absorbs the ultraviolet rays from the sun or fluorescent lights, which along with water and wind, break down contaminants such as mold, mildew, oil and other organic stains.

NOTE: One Gallon covers up to 800 square feet for 1 coat. See manufacturer’s application guidelines.