Disney Test SelfClean

Disney has been working with Mason Global to reduce the amount of times pressure washing is needed. Currently Pop Century which has about 6,000 visitors per day has to hose down, pressure wash and pick up contaminants like sun tan oil in the pool areas, various food and drinks near the food courts, smoking areas and sidewalks with berry stains from over hanging trees.  The areas treated with SelfClean outperformed pressure washing for nearly 1 year. Epcot pressure washes 3 million square feet every 45 days and also compared SelfClean treated areas versus areas where pressure washing was just used.  Stay Tuned for more results to come in the future.

Disney Results


PSTA- Oil Removal

The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority is extremely happy with the results from SelfClean. “We recently used SelfClean to treat oil stains in our bus parking space. Even though we were told it would take a few weeks to start seeing results, I noticed the oil stains started to fade within a few days and within 4 weeks there were major improvements to the stains. We now can see the concrete that use to be covered with deep and large oil stains. I was skeptical because in my public transit career of 25 years I, have met companies claiming to offer something innovative, but rarely does that happen.  After meeting Alan with Mason Global and conducting a test, SelfClean has done what they said it would do and now our oil stain problems have been solved.”

Joe Cheney, Deputy Director of Fleet Operations

PSTA 2 weeks After SC 07-19-16linkedin

Keeping Your Facility Healthy

TECO SelfCleans

TECO1(1)                          TECO(1)

TECO has not pressured washed in years because the mold and mildew have come back so quickly. Wayne Henriquez, the operations and facilities manager did not see a change in the dark grey mold and mildew after pressure washing until SelfClean was applied. One month after the SelfClean Treatment, mold and mildew were broken down and restored the concrete sidewalks back to their original look prior to the contamination of mold and mildew.

Teco and Florida Hospital Centra Care

Mason Global LLC is doing business with Teco and Florida Hospital Centra Care.

Teco is using SelfClean and Shield at the Ybor City location to protect their sidewalks, curbs and security gate house from mold and mildew.

Florida Hospital Centra Care location in Oviedo is using SelfClean to protect their sidewalks from organic contaminants like mold, mildew and bio-contaminants from staining sidewalks. They also are using Shield to protect their painted stucco walls from mildew which grew every three months.

Teco and Florida Hospital will now be protected from organic contaminants for years just after 1 treatment of SelfClean and Shield.


Mold At Your Child’s School

Parents, school will be starting soon for many of our children and many of our schools struggle to keep our children’s school grounds mold free. SelfClean breaks down mold, mildew and other organic contaminants and has been proven to prevent these unhealthy organic contaminants from growing once applied. SelfClean is a friendly green product that has been approved by the Hillsborough County Public School Product Safety Inspector. It takes only minutes to apply and last for years. When you visit your child’s school, ask if they use SelfClean to provide a healthier environment for your child.



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