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The rubber paver is as marvelous as it sounds, it not only one of the finest deck decorating ideas but it is also a solid and futuristic investment. Although the winter is up still, if you want to enjoy a warm swim around Christmas, then a rubber paver can be the best companion. One of the key advantages of rubber pavers is that it doesn’t crack up easily like concrete and bricks. It also forms the first line of defense against the bacteria. If you add up the weed protection before installation you can increase the lifespan of the deck pavers quite easily. The following steps are the standard way to go about it and you can learn and do it yourself as well.

Identify and measure the area

Before you start the installation of the rubber paver it is highly recommended to conduct a detailed survey of the location. Take a measuring tape with you and try to identify the area where you want the paver to be installed. This is an important phase where you make a decision regarding the supplies that you would need to complete the installation process. If you find it a bit difficult then search online on how to install a rubber paver on a deck? You’ll find plenty of help.

Prepare the tiles

You should start with chopping off the tabs of tiles for the outer edge and remember to skip this step for interlocking tiles. Don’t worry because cutting off the edges is not a difficult task. Just pull out your utility knife and place the straightedge tool and cut them off. It will take you two or three goes to do it. You must prepare your toolkit as well before you start the project.

Fasten the rows of tiles together

The tiles fastening mechanism is dependent on the brand, sometimes the puzzle mechanism is used or sometimes you need to tie them together with the pins. So, place the second row or any subsequent row tiles together and use the devised interlocking mechanism to bind them together. Make sure you start slow because if the start is not well, then the whole network can be shaky.

Use cardboard for shaping

Putting tiles straight in the rows is quite easy, but giving them a particular shape based on your pool design can be very tricky. You should use some guiding base to cut them nicely. For example, if you have to give them a round shape, then cut cardboard of the same size and place it on the tiles to cut them. Beware, because cutting in shape requires an extremely sharp cutting tool. Finish up the rest of the tiles smoothly.

Hire a professional for the job

Whether you accept or not but you can’t possibly deny the importance of a professional. First of all, the experts have a complete toolkit to take on any challenge. Second, they have a solid experience as compared to you. They can finish up the job a lot faster than you can imagine. So, if you feel necessary, then hire a local expert for the deck paving.
Completing the installation of a rubber paver is quite a feat if you somehow manage to do it yourself. make sure you learn the basics well before taking on the project solo. Although, it is highly recommended to do it in a team.

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