The only exterior treatment on the market that uses the natural power of light to SelfClean surfaces

For every commercial and personal property owner, business, resort or hotel

Penetrates, seals, protects and SelfCleans for years

Easy application that works for years

Welcome to Mason Global LLC, an American wholesale company selling sustainability products for residential and commercial use. Our products and services are safe, green, inexpensive and guarantee satisfaction. Mason Global is a distributor of SelfClean, a masonry treatment with a proprietary nano-technology that prevents and removes organic stains by making surfaces photoactive for years.

Curb Appeal Matters

A first impression is everything. The value of a home or business is measured by how well the property is maintained. Millions of dollars are spent everyday on pressure washing to remove oil, mold, and other organic stains. SelfClean prevents organic contamination without pressure washing leaving your treated surfaces looking fresh for years.

How It Works

SelfClean works without using any harsh chemicals, causing treated surfaces to become photoactive. By absorbing natural sunlight or ambient light, the surface continually breaks down and rids itself of oil, mold, mildew and other contaminants that stain it. And in most cases, SelfClean cleans surfaces entirely within weeks, with one application that can last for five years or longer.

Where It Works

SelfClean, as the name implies, effectively self-cleans surfaces like concrete, brick, pavers, travertine, natural stone, stucco, roof tiles, pool decks, patios and other cementitious surfaces.

Why It’s Different

There are many reasons SelfClean is the only masonry treatment of its kind. The proprietary nano-technology makes SelfClean safer for people, animals and plants, including no VOC’s or environmental runoff and SelfClean treated surfaces are sterile of bio-contamination. The need for pressure washing decreases or absolves completely reducing water usage and saving money.

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